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Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Third-Party logistics (3PL) providers often play a major role in the supply chain logistics environment. The competitive business market demands cost reduction and an accelerated process and efficiency. Scope of Warehousing has grown beyond mere storing of goods to offering services like optimized inventory control, forecasting, analysis and reports, documentation. Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software’s (WMS) 3PL Solution is designed to accommodate your need to meet the market demands.

“Brilliance is in expanding your 3PL global reach by capitalizing on the best Warehouse Management Software (WMS)”

Managing multiple clients that are catering to a variety of industries increases the level of operational complexities. Stock handling, picking, placing, freezing, goods handling, documenting, inventory taking, forecasting; 3PL service providers handle an array of activities and Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Software solution supports all! Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Warehouse Management System helps the 3PL providers to efficiently manage its multiple customers and their manifold requirements.

Billing is another problem area that the 3PL providers struggle with! Challenge is in determining the billing approaches, frequency of bills to be presented, accurate costing for the array of customers and different services offered to them. Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution offers a configurable billing solution to aptly manage billing activities for the 3PL service provider.

“Brilliance is in delivering value with multiple offerings and its accurate billing”

Using Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution, 3PL providers can setup the base price model for various handling activities and accessories and can further customize exclusive pricing for each customer with options for rate configurations and discount tools. The billing setup can uses this information to create the billing schedule and executes the 3PL billing. Clients can be billed for recurring storage, initial split-monthly storage, anniversary cycle and many more.

Brilliant WMS offers an array of benefits to the 3PL Service providers such as;

Key Benefits

  • Greater planning and control with improved inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Optimized resource planning.
  • Better workforce, equipment and warehouse management.
  • Efficient order processing with intelligent pick paths
  • Error free automatic data capturing using smart barcode and RF technologies interface
  • Regulating purchase with the material flow and ageing analysis
  • Greater inventory movement with smart replenishment and forecasting methodologies
  • Improved order fulfillment, accuracy and speed
  • Replenishment alerts
  • Real-time event based integration with ERP’s for synchronized data
  • Quick view of floor plans offering bird’s eye view of the aisles, racks, bays and bins and with real-time inventory data via virtual warehouse
  • Built by 3PL experts for 3PL experts
  • Improved employee productivity with quick and ready to use information
  • Web-based visibility for all customers
  • Curbs inventory loss
  • Billing flexibility and accuracy with accountability for every penny
  • EDI Capable
  • Customer visibility: precise, real-time inventory information

How does Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution support 3PL Functionality?

  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for handling inward cargo/inventory to one or multiple warehouses
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for outward/dispatch to requirement destinations
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for tracking end to end inventory movement
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for inward, outward/dispatch, issues, and returns, etc.
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution to serve your need facilitating easy integration with ERP and other third-party software systems
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for customer-centric inventory tracking, tariff & storage calculations, space optimization, third party billing, etc.
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for invoicing
  • Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution for billing for various services: receiving/binning, dispatch/picking, cross-docking, labeling, freight/transportation, etc.

Brilliant’s WMS 3PL Solution to track multi product-categories stored in warehouse.