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Easy-to-use barcode based inventory management software

Barcode inventory software

Brilliant WMS barcode inventory software provides a method of identifying products with a barcode scanner for purpose of counting them quickly and with a minimum chance of human error. Brilliant WMS barcode inventory management is employed in the tasks that require counting large numbers of physical items: stock takes, receiving shipments, packing orders, and shipping orders (or transfers).

The use of barcode inventory management software makes inventory management practices efficient, accurate, and extremely quick. Because inventory management is dependent on and affects sales and purchasing, Brilliant WMS are many ways businesses can utilize barcode inventory management to enhance workflow.  some of the ways barcoding hardware and barcode-based inventory management software can be used


Ultimate Guide to Barcodes — Barcodes play a crucial role in the effective and efficient operation of our economy, from small businesses to large multinational conglomerates…

Ultimate barcode scanner inventory software enables Mobile Apps – From inventory management to consumer awareness, there are many ways to use barcode scanning technology; additionally, there is a convenient barcode.

Barcodes, RFID, and Image Barcodes – Picture yourself purchasing a can of Coke at the store. The store clerk picks it up to scan it at the register.

Accuracy– Barcode software improves accuracy and enables processes to be implemented that reduce human errors and improve inventory management discipline.

Speed up– Scanning barcodes is significantly faster and easier than documenting and then typing information.

Cost savings– Accuracy improvements & time savings, in addition to the reduction of fixing costly mistakes, can result in considerable cost savings across an organization.

Operational efficiency– Operational bottlenecks and productivity issues can more easily be identified and remedied using barcoding in workflow management.

Customer service– Accurate inventory and stock levels reduce out of stocks, improving customer satisfaction in the process and reducing time spent on resolving customer problems.

Decision-making– Rapid, accurate data collection enables access to real-time business intelligence across all areas of your company.

Tracking & tracing– barcode scanner inventory software Lot numbers can be recognized when received, shipped or both, enabling compliance with regulatory requirements for specific industries.

Finding product information

  • Tracking the location of a specific item
  • Counting inventory
  • Updating inventory levels
  • Picking items for orders
  • Receiving inventory
  • The components of a barcode system
  • Barcode management is the process of creating unique bar codes to identify individual items.

The system includes the software and hardware required to create and scan barcoded labels & documents and associate the barcodes with the correct items in the inventory management system.

barcode-based inventory management software, such as Activate, is the key driver of the system. The software enables the printing and scanning of barcodes and provides real-time access to information and tracking.

Barcode hardware includes scanners, barcode printers and other hardware associated with a barcode system.

Barcode Printer – In order to track items quickly and easily, they need to be labeled with a barcode. Printing can be done at fixed units for high volume printing or on the move with mobile printers.


barcode inventory software

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