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End-to-End Order Management System for small & medium retailers

Brilliant’s (WMS) is a perfect Order Management System tool. The software meticulously consolidates your orders received from your multiple retail channels into a single interface where you can efficiently manage them to completion.

Better Customer Service and Workflow Automation

Centralized Order Management System is an efficient way to manage your inventory and order arithmetic. Brilliant’s Warehouse Management software (WMS) handles all of your orders at one place and remove complexities in your workflows making your operations smooth. Brilliant’s WMS with its Order Management System helps you save time and automate your order process ensuring on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

De-clutter Order Processing

If you are business dealing with orders from multiple channels and high volume, Brilliant’s WMS arms you with better tools to simplifying your order management process by de-cluttering it and organizing it into a mainstream software that accurately communicates with your inventory system ensuring order fulfillment. With Brilliant WMS Order Management System, orders are automatically downloaded and sales channels updated with relevant status changes and shipping details.

“Brilliance is in de-cluttering your order management by acquiring simplified centralized order management software system”

Flexible Order Processing Software

Every business is different and so are its software requirements. Brilliant Warehouse Management software (WMS) offers simplicity and flexibility by customizing the application and facilitating the tools that are just right for you. With only the tools required, the software become simpler and easier to use and is efficiently utilized to process orders in line with business process. With Brilliant’s Warehouse Manaement Software (WMS), managing partial order fulfillment, drop-shipping, back-to-back ordering and third party warehouse management is made simpler.

Automatic Reservation of Stock

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) auto updates inventory after every smallest of inventory transaction. When available inventory changes, all channels are immediately updated by our order management software with the correct value. You can now easily offer the same item for sale across multiple channels without the risk of double selling or stock-outs.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates Batch ordering
  • Makes Drop shipping simpler
  • Back orders and part fulfilment made easy
  • Auto-notifications triggered upon order status change
  • Notes and additional comments for specific orders
  • Manual entry for taking orders by phone
  • Schedule delivery dates
  • Customizable pricing


  • Quicker shipping
  • Lower product returns
  • Accurate documentation
  • Facilitate quick decision making with customizable reports and dashboards
  • Reduce human error


If you are migrating from an existing order management software to Brilliant’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) or setting it as a stand-alone exclusive system, our team of experts will guide you through in adopting the software system to its optimal utilization.
Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software system (WMS) team will guide you through;

  • Defining Technical scope and solution engineering
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Data migration
  • Training and support
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