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Cloud Based WMS Warehouse Management System


Brilliant Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is made available on Cloud Software for better accessibility and data space that is required by your Growing Business. Regardless if you have one office or many locations, Brilliant’s Cloud Based WMS will give you better control over your inventory and will scale up as your business grows.

Cloud-based e-commerce Warehouse Management System

Brilliant warehouse management software (WMS) is a cloud-based inventory management system that is user friendly, affordable, and adaptable to the needs of your business. Brilliant WMS is designed to support a wide range of inventory management applications for warehouse management and multi-channel ecommerce inventory customers.

Brilliant’s Cloud Based WMS supports barcoding serial number tracking, lot id tracking, multi-channel e-commerce, multi-locations, and a broad range of features for warehouse and ecommerce applications.

“Brilliance is in migrating your business to a cloud based warehouse management software”

Brilliant’s Cloud based ecommerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides a perfect mix of functions for growing e-commerce businesses. Good service is a pre-condition to last long in the consumer market. Considering the business complexities and ever growing consumer expectations, it is mandatory for organizations to pull the strings to efficiently manage the inventory and good movement to deliver faster and with precision.

“Brilliance is in using warehouse management systems that offers best visibility of your inventory”

Brilliant’s Cloud Based WMS  provides a real-time view of your inventory and channelizes the flow of stock and orders proficiently through your warehouse.

Managing seasonal or weekly peaks and troughs is now made easy with Brilliant’s Cloud Based WMS Warehouse Management System.

Adding new users on the Cloud Based WMS is extremely easy. New users can be up and running on Brilliant WMS in minutes.

Brilliant’s Cloud based ecommerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) also offers multiple picking methodologies to handle diverse customer order and product activity profiles, including single order, batch, wave and zone picking.

And when your customers change their minds, Brilliant WMS returns desk functionality helps you process returned items quickly and efficiently, getting product back on sale in the shortest possible timeframe and delivering an excellent service to your customers.

Ecommerce Warehouse Management System

Brilliant Cloud Based WMS Capabilities

Real-time inventory tracking

Keep track of your inventory at one location with Brilliant’s cloud based ecommerce warehouse management system (WMS). All the warehouse operations including the ongoing receiving, picking, and stock transfer being performed at your warehouse will be made visible real-time via any Internet-connected device.

Multi-channel marketplace support

Brilliant’s cloud based ecommerce warehouse management system (WMS) help e-commerce companies using API’s to accept orders from multi-channel marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or a company’s own website.

Managing your multi-channel stock keeping units

When you are selling products in different marketplace (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may be forced to have different stock keeping units (SKU) for the different products. Managing these SKU’s could be a cumbersome and complex task. You are just a couple of mouse clicks away from efficiently managing you SKU’s with Brilliant’s cloud based ecommerce warehouse management system (WMS).

Kitting / product bundling

Brilliant’s cloud based ecommerce warehouse management system (WMS) is a boon to the assembly business. It helps you create multiple selling options by setting up kits or bundles and facilitates creation of new products. When the kit is ordered, inventory is automatically reduced from each product that makes up the kit. The centralized inventory system makes it easy for businesses who assemble their own products and to track inventory levels of both finished goods and individual parts.

Avant-Garde Barcode Solution

Brilliant Warehouse Management Software’s (WMS) boasts a custom scanner that works with any smartphone. The mobile barcode scanner ensures that the warehouse workers curb errors and perform warehouse operations quickly. Business functionalities like receiving, picking, stock taking, and stock transfers are swift and hassle-free. Adopting this barcode solution technology improves efficiency and diminish picking errors.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Managing inventory could get quite cumbersome! One needs to keep track of batch codes, lots, serial numbers and so forth. Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) allows you to create and track your products via batches, lots, or serial number. Brilliant WMS ensures clear traceability of your products and makes it easy to track per-product information from receiving to shipping.

Brilliant Warehouse Management Software’s (WMS) integrated mobile barcode solution curbs errors and speeds up operations using advanced features like automatic barcode learning and product lookup tables. Picking products with lot ids for orders is a snap with Brilliant WMS and our integrated mobile barcode solution.

Convenient ordering functionality

Overcome the obstacles of running out of stock in your business. Prevent operational lags by quickly creating purchase orders to be sent or emailed to your supplier. The software allows you to set reordering thresholds for each product. With multiple warehouses, you have an option to set-up independent reordering thresholds for each product at each specific l location.

API Support

If you have an in-house development team, Brilliant WMS has robust APIs to further increase the capabilities of the inventory management system to serve your exact needs. Brilliant WMS can act as an efficient interface that transposes data fluidly via your existing system to the WMS’s inventory system. Using the API support, you can resourcefully create products, generate purchase orders and update stock quantities.

If your company used drop shippers in their supply chain, you can use the API to import supplier inventory and stock levels at a regular interval that is pre-determined by the user. You can avail a real-time inventory stock levels of the supplier using the API.

Benefits of cloud based warehouse management system

Eliminates the need to install software:

Brilliant WMS is a web-based solution that is hosted on the cloud. The user does not need to install any software to use the software application. The data will be saves safe on our cloud eliminating the need to archive your data. The scalable software applicable ensure you do not require to upgrade the software updates.

Integration to multiple selling platforms:

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management software integrates with several selling platform like Amazon and eBay and eliminates possibilities of overselling. Stock levels are auto-updated every 5 minutes on Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

Facilitates High Transaction Volumes:

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) supports up to 200K transaction per month. We strive to serve you better hence our architecture is constantly scaling to support higher volume of transaction than the existing capacity. If you are a high transaction customer, Brilliant’s mobile barcode solution can help you adopt batch picking processes like wave picking and pick and pack to improve operational efficiency.

Easy pricing:

Pricing is often a pain area when investingin a warehouse management software. We understand your concerns and have adopted a pricing model that’s swift and hassle free. We charge on a monthly basis and do not burden you with set-up fees etc.

Short-term commitments:

Our confidence in our product is such that we facilitate even short-term commitments. We guarantee that you will continue using our software system after experiencing the advantages it has to offer. As a result, there are no long-term commitments, and you may cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Free training and support.

We offer a free training sessions at the beginning and you’ll receive a continued support via email and phone calls.

Quick Set-up:

Depending on your requirements, Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software can be set-up at easy and fast. Typically our systems are up and running within a span of 1 to 3 weeks.


Cloud Based WMS


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