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Brilliant Order Management System offer options to configure Sales as well as purchase Order. Requester will have real time data about the Stock availability at various locations ( Factory , Warehouse , Distributors ) at time of placing Order


BrilliantWMS Offer Mobile Apps for Order Management System Apps can be used by the requester to request the Sales / Purchase Order. Approve can use this Apps to approve the Order, System allow users to attached the Document on the fly.


Brilliant Order Management System process can include:

  • The customer who places the order, receives it and pays for it
  • The sales and/or customer service reps who discuss the order with the customer and enter the order into the system to be filled
  • The warehouse that have the inventory to process the order
  • Vendors that can deliver parts or stock when inventory runs low
  • Shipping vendor that delivers the order to the customer

Advantages of Order Processing Software

BrilliantWMS  – Retail Order Management System designed specifically to save businesses time in a significant part of the sales process: the order process. With proper online order software, your business can enjoy the following 7 benefits and use them to boost both profits and customer service.

  1. Save Time Processing Orders 

Sales people and customers most of the time consume by huge amount of paper work they have to do for close a sale and ensure the best customer service. But with an online order processing system, set up your customers and sales people with their own automatic order form. Brilliant OMS save the continual re-work of automatic contact info and the need for entering contact info into multiple areas for your Brilliant OMS software and your warehouse management system.

  1. Increase Customer Service

Since the order processing software is tied to Brilliant Order Management System, the sales rep has instant access to all important customer account information.  With help of order management software sales people no need to make phone calls to their office staff when on a sales call. Rather than spending time navigating the labyrinth of paperwork, your sales team can focus on providing best quality of service to your customers with all the information regarding their account at the sales rep’s fingertips online.


  1. Faster Shipping

A Excellent order processing system will give you the ability to easily send orders straight to your warehouse without having to retry the order.  With this ability you are able to reduce errors, decrease warehouse costs and increase order to ship time.  Sales manager and Customers can also able to see shipping confirmations details and tracking information in real time easily.

  1. Place Orders From Anywhere :

Online order software gives you the opportunity to process orders from anywhere on the globe. With help of  order processing online, your location is limited access only to your product shipping bay and to costs customers are willing to pay to receive your product in their location.




Brilliant WMS Retail Order Management System is able to capture orders from multiple touch points; regardless if it is a web-shop, a mobile shop, contact center application or marketplace. It utilizes the order entry capabilities of the Brilliant WMS Commerce Management to place online orders for customers, call center or sales representatives. Each of these channels benefits from the Order Management capabilities of the Brilliant WMS Commerce Suite to place or modify orders, determine order status, and review the complete order and payment history.



Brilliant WMS Order Management enables an easy and cohesive return process to ensure a seamless customer experience across all channels; no matter where the return is originated. It is able to effectively track items throughout the return process and helps to automate the return of items to different inventory facilities according to multiple return options. The Brilliant WMS Order Management provides visibility into complete transaction history data as well as detailed information about return types and return reasons.





The flexible order approval framework of Brilliant WMS Order Management allows business users to approve sales orders. The approval framework of Brilliant WMS Order Management is able to process parallel or sequential multi-step approval workflows that can be configured individually for each sales channel.



Manage individual payment processes for each payment method and sales channel by utilizing per-integrated payment services providers and payment methods or easily integrate new payment services providers. Automatically move orders through the complete payment life-cycle, trigger payment actions according to the order state (e.g. cancel authorizations or capture and refund payments) and monitor all payment related transactions.



Create customer invoices or credit notes in the Corporate Identity (CI) of the sales channel and make them available by e-mail or download to the customer. Exchange invoices and credit notes or open amount and payment histories with external ERP or debit site booking systems to get a holistic view on open amount related payment transactions.



The Brilliant WMS Order Management System (OMS) is equipped with a comprehensive set of API’s to ensure a seamless integration in the system landscape of the organization. Weather you want to integrate external sales channels, POS, warehouse systems or ERP’s, the Brilliant WMS Order Management has all necessary interfaces in place for fast and reliable integration scenarios.

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