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Barcode inventory software


Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Bar-code Inventory Software helps you identify products using a bar-code scanner with a purpose of counting them quickly and with minimal errors. Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Barcode inventory software is engaged to perform tasks that require counting large number of physical items like stock taking, receiving shipments, packing orders, and shipping orders (or transfers).

Physical inventory taking can take its toll on the employees working on it and chances of human errors remain high. Bar-code Inventory Software on the other hand facilitates an efficient system that makes inventory management practices an extremely quick and each task.

Typically, inventory management is dependent on and affects sales and purchasing. Brilliant’s warehouse management software (WMS) swiftly incorporates the Bar-code inventory management software to make better the operational processes.

The bar-code inventory management system includes the software and hardware required to create and scan bar-coded labels & documents and associate the bar-codes with the correct items in the inventory management system.

Key Features:

Operational efficiency with bar-codes:

Bar-codes play a vital role in improving you operational efficiency. Whether you are a small business or a large multinational conglomerate, Bar-code Inventory Management Software is your tool to enhance inventory management.

Bar-code Scanner compatible with Mobile Apps: Brilliant’s (WMS) Barcode inventory software comes on a mobile application too. Now you can do your stock taking using the barcode scanner and operate using a mobile interface. Users can access real-time business intelligence across all areas of your company using a single application.

“Brilliance is in using barcode inventory management system for efficient warehouse operations”

Accuracy with barcode inventory management system:

Human errors are completely eliminated with the barcode scanning option of the barcode inventory management software.

Speed with barcode inventory management system:

The barcode inventory management software speeds up the processes by eliminating the need to document post stock taking. The system auto-calculates the stock. Variety of reports aides in managing sales, purchases, capacity planning etc.

Cost savings with barcode inventory management system: Optimal inventory management not only frees up your working capital, but accuracy and optimal time and people management adds to cost savings.

Customer Satisfaction with barcode inventory management system:

On-time deliveries, reduced operational costs, speed, achieved with the barcode inventory management system has a dominoes effect that eventually lead to better customer satisfaction.

Tracking & tracing with barcode inventory management system: The barcode inventory management system helps the user recognize lot numbers of shipments received, or being shipped making it easy to locate items, count stock, update inventory levels, pick items, receive stock etc.

“Brilliance is in recognizing the value Brilliant’s WMS bring to your operations”

Barcode Printer with barcode inventory management system:

Labeling is an important activity in goods movement. To track items quickly and easily, they need to be labeled with a barcode. Printing can be done at fixed units for high volume printing or on the move with mobile printers.

barcode inventory software

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