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cloud based wms software to improve your business

Cloud-Based WMS Warehouse Management System

Brilliant WMS  is provided Cloud-based WMS   Software For Your Growing Business Regardless if you have one office or many locations, Brilliant WMS will give you better control over your inventory and will scale as your business grows.

Cloud-based Warehouse Management System

Brilliant WMS  is a cloud-based supply chain management software that is easy to understand, affordable, and adaptable to the needs of your business. Brilliant WMS is designed to support a wide range of inventory management applications for warehouse management and multi-channel ecommerce inventory customers.

Brilliant WMS supports barcoding,  serial number tracking, lot id tracking, multi-channel e-commerce, multi-locations, and a broad range of features for warehouse and ecommerce applications.

Brilliant WMS  cloud-based wms software provides the perfect mix of functions for growing e-commerce businesses.

In today’s world of endless choice and aggressive competition, consumers make little distinction between the price and service they expect, whether it be from a multi-national corporation or an eBay seller.

This perfect storm of ever-increasing complexity and consumer expectation mandates that retailers’ inventory moves with greater speed and precision than ever before.

Brilliant WMS provides a perfect picture of your inventory in real-time and smoothes the flow of stock and orders through your warehouse to help you manage your weekly and seasonal peaks and troughs and reduce the need for agency staff cloud warehouse management system. And when you do need extra bodies, new users can be up and running on Brilliant WMS in minutes.

Our software also offers multiple picking methodologies to handle diverse customer order and product activity profiles, including single order, batch, wave and zone picking.

And when your customers change their minds, Brilliant WMS returns desk functionality helps you process returned items quickly and efficiently, getting the product back on sale in the shortest possible timeframe and delivering an excellent service to your customers.

E-commerce Warehouse Management System

Brilliant WMS for Cloud-based E-commerce  WMS Capabilities

Centralized inventory tracking

Keep track of your inventory in one location with Brilliant WMS Inventory. With ongoing receiving, picking, and stock transfer operations occurring in your warehouse, everyone will able to get a real-time view of inventory stock counts via any Internet-connected device.

Multi-channel marketplace support

Brilliant WMS  for e-commerce companies using API’s is to accept orders from one or more marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or a company’s own website, and to manage the warehouse shipment process of those orders using API’s, marking the orders as shipped when done.

Proper mapping of marketplace SKUs to a unique product ID

When you are selling products in the different marketplace (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may be forced to have different SKUs that correspond to the same product. As you sell on more marketplaces, the management of the marketplace SKUs become more complex, and many attempts manage this complexity with Excel worksheets. Brilliant WM handles this with a couple of mouse clicks and properly keeps tracks on your inventory.

Kitting / product bundling

In Brilliant WMS cloud based warehouse management system Inventory, increase the number of selling options by setting up kits or bundles and creating a new product. Kitting is an assembly process in which separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. Some refer to this process as product bundling, and the two terms are interchangeable.

When the kit is ordered, inventory is automatically decremented from each product that makes up the kit. This makes it easy for businesses who assemble their own products to track inventory levels of both finished goods and individual parts.

Turnkey Barcode Solution

Brilliant cloud wms custom scanner software works with any Windows mobile barcode scanner to allow warehouse workers to perform warehouse operations quickly with fewer errors. Functions such as receiving, picking, conducting stock take, and stock transfers are quick and easy. Advanced batch picking operations will improve increase efficiency and decrease picking errors. After they’re finished, simply sync from the scanner to Brilliant WMS making the changes available to everyone.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

The inventory complexity compounds when you need to keep tracks of batch codes, lots, or serial numbers. Brilliant WMS allows you to create and track your products via batches, lots, or serial number. Brilliant WMS ensures clear traceability of your products and makes it easy to track per-product information from receiving to shipping.

Our integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution eliminates error and speeds up operations with advanced features like automatic barcode learning and product lookup tables. Picking products with lot ids for orders is a snap with Brilliant WMS and our integrated mobile barcode solution.

Convenient ordering functionality

Running out of a stock is a sure way to hinder your growth. Prevent costly stock outs by setting reordering thresholds for each product. When the threshold is crossed, Brilliant WMS enables you to quickly create purchase orders to send or email to your supplier.

If you have multiple warehouses, set-up independent reordering thresholds for each product at each specific l location.

API Support

If you have an in-house development team, Brilliant WMS has robust APIs to further to increase the capabilities of the inventory management system to your exact needs. The API is an efficient method to get automate the data going directly to and from Brilliant WMS like creating products, creating purchase orders, and updating stock quantities. A popular application of our APIs is leveraging it to create an integrated EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions to streamline purchase orders with primary suppliers. For companies who leverage drop shippers in their supply chain, use the API to import supplier inventory stock levels at fixed intervals to always have a real-time of their inventory stock levels. The technical API documentation can be found here.

The Cloud-Based  Brilliant WMS Advantage :

No software to install. Brilliant WMS is a fully web-based solution that is hosted in the cloud & cloud-based wms. As a result, you never have to worry about installing software, upgrading updates, or archiving up your data. There is no need to submit an IT ticket to install Brilliant WMS on the company servers.

Integration to multiple selling platforms. Brilliant WMS has integration to many selling platforms including eBay and Amazon and will mitigate the headaches due to overselling. Brilliant WMS will automatically update the selling channels every five minutes with updated stock levels.

Support High Transaction Volumes. Conduct a large number of transactions? No problem. Brilliant WMS can support up to 200K transactions per month, and we constantly scaling our architecture to support even higher volumes. High transaction customers can leverage our integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution and implement one of batch picking processes – wave picking or pick and pack – to improve warehouse productivity while increasing accuracy.

Simple, straightforward pricing. Our pricing is month-to-month. There are no set-up fees, hidden fees, or surprises.

No long-term commitments. We want you to be a satisfied customer. We believe a satisfied customer will get immediate benefit and value in the software and allow us to be a long-term partner in helping them manage their growth. As a result, there are no long-term commitments, and you may cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Free training and support.

We offer a free training session at the start, and you’ll have our cell numbers and email for responsive support.

Quick Set-up:

Every customer’s situation is different, but typically most Brilliant WMS users are trained, have completed the set-up, and are up and running within 1-3 weeks.


Cloud Based WMS

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