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package tracking software for your business

About Brilliant Parcel Tracking Software / Shipment Tracking Software :

Brilliant WMS is a Parcel, package tracking system that helps you stay organized and get the right package/parcel to the right resident. The package tracking software is designed to update shipping/ package logistics and reduce the time which is consumed for a package in the office by sending automatic email or SMS notifications to alert residents that a package waiting in the location. Brilliant WMS Parcel Tracking Software has  Parcel Alert system/ tracker app. is also integrated directly with a mobile app.

One of the most appealing features of Brilliant package tracking software or shipment tracking software is that it’s cloud-based. Flexible solutions for every business need. We put Brilliant Technology to work for you.

Brilliant WMS provides the metrics to professionally manage and improve your mail center operations. Large-to small organizations can use Brilliant shipment delivery routing software as a standard tracking solution for all types of assets within the company. Each site can have a unique workflow, routes and users or standardization can be implemented across all sites.

Some key Features of shipment tracking software or Parcel Tracking Software:

  • It organizes all of your packages into one easy-to-use database.
  • Using Brilliant shipment tracking software verifies that the count of items you receive from the carrier or courier is correct.
  • Input the entry to the final recipient and shipment delivery routing software will calculate/count the delivery route & help to segregate the items for delivery and automatically print a delivery route label if you want one.
  • For users with a lot of deliveries, it is possible to batch items on a manifest for delivery. Activity reduces time particularly when a product needs to deliver multiple items to one location to another or one person to another.
  • Upon delivery, obtain a digital signature using the handheld computer. Now you have proof of delivery.
  • Pull data from the local database as your goods management software makes it easy to recover packages using any criteria.
  • Transform your lobby television into a beautiful extension of your brand. Display weather, RSS feeds, package pickup notifications and more.
  • It has Customize Lobby display to match incorporate and your goods branding any RSS feeds to deliver reports to your location.
  • Increasing package handling efficiency will save you time and money
  • Users can enter multiple packages into the system at once. All local are mechanically notify via SMS and email template.
  • Quickly find the right resident by searching for the resident’s unit number or name.
  • Inform your local vendor of packages waiting to be picked up from the particular location. Location can be fined for alerts via SMS text messages, emails, and view notifications in Brilliant shipment tracking software tracker app

Tracking & Tracing-Lot numbers can be recognized when received, shipped or both, enabling compliance with regulatory requirements for specific industries.

Finding product information:

  • Tracking the location of a specific item
  • Counting inventory
  • Updating inventory levels
  • Picking items for orders
  • Receiving inventory
  • The components of a bar-code system
  • Bar-code management is the process of creating unique bar codes to identify individual items.

The system includes the software and hardware required to create and scan bar-coded labels & documents and associate the bar-codes with the correct items in the inventory management system.

parcel tracking software

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