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Web Based Online Order Management System

BrilliantWMS offers a web-based order management system (OMS) to ease order/request via multiple platforms like e-commerce, mobile apps, order management system portal, and direct orders.

About Brilliant Order Management Systems:

Brilliant WMS offers a Web Based Online Order Management System (OMS) to ease order/request via multiple platforms like e-commerce, mobile apps, order management system portal and direct orders. The order management system is designed in order to provide easy integration with your existing warehouse management systems. Once the order is processed via Brilliant’s WMS or your existing WMS, an order confirmation is returned back to Order Management System (OMS).

Why use Order Management System?

In order to improve order processing workflows, track inventories, to take orders from E Commerce portals Order Management System is helpful. OMS improves purchase to order ratio to improve efficiency and accuracy in the Logistics Business.

Key Features: Explain how this system helpful for your company

Order Management

Managing orders is made simpler. Brilliant’s Order Management System allows you to manage multiple orders on a single platform where you can check order status and update them automatically across channels with a single click of button.

Generate shipment label

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) eases your shipping requirement by integrating it with leading shipping companies across the world. You can generate shipping labels using your shipping provider account or seek customer shipping labels on demand.

Generate returns

Main leverage of Brilliant’s web based order management system to track your orders. The smart order tracking system is equipped to generate even shipment returns at the click of a button simultaneously initiating a refund.

Generate pick –list

The order processing workflow for every business is different, so it makes sense to use order tagging to provide custom statuses to your store orders. You can even save your valuable time by adding tags and custom statuses in bulk from your order list page. This is an order management system designed to make your life easier.

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