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Pick to light warehouse systems

Locate Stock location with light displays

Brilliant WMS offers avant-garde technology to ease processes in handling goods in the warehouse. One such technology is the pick to the light warehouse. The technology uses light displays to guide the operator to the storage location of a specific stock. Each product location is identified by a numeric or alphanumeric display light identifiers and an acknowledgment button. The system also carries a digital readout to indicate quantity. The pick to a light software system is customizable to accommodate fewer or more simplified displays to reduce the total cost.

Using Brilliant’s WMS pick to light software, an operator can begin the picking process by scanning the bar codes on the address label attached to the shipping carton. The display on the tool guides the operator on the quantity to be picked. Acknowledgment button on the system helps in confirmation of consignment being picked.

Put-to-Light Systems

Place stock in order with light displays

Brilliant’s WMS Put-by-Light system is designed to instruct the operator on where and how to allocate stock to orders, thereby reducing time to pick the required stock from bulk stock. After the operator scans each product, flashing lights at designated locations indicate the exact location where the stock needs to be placed. Once the operator puts the stock in its place, the system triggers an auto-update of the stock’s placement status.

Brilliant WMS recommends the use of this technology for businesses including the retailers of general merchandise, apparels, groceries, convenience food items, sporting goods, personal care items, etc.

“Brilliance is in acquiring smart technology to serve in the face paced market”

Benefits of BrilliantWMS pick to light warehouse  systems and Put-to-Light Software:

Traditional picking methods are costlier when operating a warehouse. Brilliant WMS can help lower that cost with its leading cutting-edge Pick to the light warehouse system.

With Brilliant WMS Pick to Light or Put to Light Software, we emphasize on;

  • Lean Processes
  • Reduced Throughput
  • Error Checks
  • Cost Savings
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Quicker Supply
  • Transparency

“Brilliance is in reducing time to pick and put by acquiring WMS’s pick to light system”

BrilliantWMS supports both fully automated solutions and solutions for manual warehouses.

You can rely on us for solutions that fit right for your business type and gain a competitive advantage by adopting modern technology that improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Pick to light

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