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There are number of picking locations and picking zones in complex warehouses. There are number of picks and orders to be performed every hour in such kind of complex warehouses. In order to fulfill customer orders with their satisfaction the warehouse staff must be accurate and fast.

The most advance technology of picking to provide accurately assembling of products with paperless system is pick to light.

Pick to light is one of the most important technological invention in warehouse management system amongst the inventions over the time.

How Pick To Light Works

For this system there is alphanumeric display at each product location and it have lights above the bins or racks. First of all the barcode of particular order is assigned to picking container, then it goes to the picking zone by using conveyor belt. Here is the integration of barcode scanner with pick to light technology. With the help of this integration barcode has been scanned by an operator at picking zone, this is on picking container represented as customer order.

Barcode of picking container has been changed by an operator, after that the launching of the order sequence in line of racks takes place at picking zone. At the required product location lights get on and the number of items has been displayed which has to be picked. After illumination of picking location, the operator will do the selection of specific item for that specific order with number of quantities displayed and put the product in to the container. Operator will hit the confirm button after picking, after getting hitted the confirm button by operator the light at the picking location will turn off.

No further lights get illuminated once all the picking is done. Operator then continues the same process for next door by closing the container. We can track all the real time information of picking with pick to light system which is one of the best advantage of this system.


  • It gives real time feedback of productivity of an operator and picking.
  • As only numbers are displayed, there are no language requirements.
  • Pick to light system is simple to integrate with company’s existing warehouse systems.


No requirement of any command: Repetition of command is prevented as it shows the quantity of product on display.

Increased Productivity: Around 450 picks per hour can be performed by each operator with pick to light technology which increases the efficiency and productivity.

Saves time for searching location:  Time of searching location is saved as the light illuminates at particular pick location.