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manage 3rd party logistics software services

Brilliant Warehouse Management Software (WMS) recognizes your requirements with the third party warehouse. Our avant-garde 3PL WMS solutions aide you in generating more revenue from your third-party logistics operations by capturing and billing all the value-added services you provide.

“Brilliance is in creating value by investing in best Warehouse Management Software”

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is designed to bolster your warehousing operations by leveraging on greater controls and empowered decision making using minimalistic workforce. Our meticulously designed software application is developed using inputs from the industry stalwarts. Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) has the ability to congregate and manage multiple customers with varying operational processes, documentation and billing needs. Our comprehensive software suite comprising of easy to use tools that are integrated with mobile app accounts for a competent warehouse and order management solution, making 3PL Logistics Software a profitable operation.

“Brilliance is in automating your third party logistics with a strong warehouse management software application” 

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is one of the most flexible 3PL WMS Billing systems in the industry today. Our WMS system curbs on errors by automating billing. The billing wizard on our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) helps you set-up quick, easy and accurate billing. Simply select the appropriate parameters and then respond to a set of questions related to the contract terms. The 3PL WMS billing wizard uses the provided information to create a billing schedule. Automated billing triggered by Brilliant’s logistics software providers billing wizard reduces the time, labor and errors associated with the billing process.

Brilliant WMS can be configured for varied billing methodologies such as:

  • Recurring Storage
  • Split-Month Storage
  • Anniversary Billing
  • Inbound/Outbound Handling Charges
  • Billing based on value-added services

Some of the Salient features of Brilliant’s third-party Warehouse Management Software (WMS) are enlisted below;

Key Features

  • Primary & Secondary Transportation, Last Mile Delivery, Reverse Logistics
  • Kitting & Packaging
  • Tax & Compliance Management
  • E-commerce Services, Retail Sales & Distribution
  • Sourcing & Distribution (Trading)
  • Third Party Logistics Provider Interface
  • Capture & billing for all value-added services
  • Efficacy in on-boarding of new customers
  • Billing customization
  • Customizable reports generation
  • Innovative database architecture that minimizes data loss & system lock-up
  • Faster search, speed & system performance
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