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transport management software service India

Brilliant cloud-based wms recognizes the operational difficulties faced by the local transport operations. Fleet Management, Vehicle Capacity Planning, Trip Planning, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking and so much more is accomplished by single software. Brilliant’s WMS Transport Management Software is loaded with functionalities that allow you to handle your entire local transport operations in an efficient and well-organized manner.

Brilliant’s WMS cloud-based supply chain management software is prudent in assigning drivers, trailers, and vehicles for every container leg, facilitating efficient material movement and providing real-time truck-to-base status updates.


  • Key Features of Brilliant’s WMS  :
    • Schedule Pick-ups
    • Goods Movement Planning
    • Trip Planning
    • Route Planning
    • Delivery Alerts
    • Vehicle Inventory
    • Fleet Management
    • Tariff
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • MIS

    cloud-based wms software is one of the key factors in ensuring swift material movement. Brilliant’s WMS cloud wms covers all aspects of your transport operations like bookings, fleet management, and resource planning, etc. in an integrated module. The application can also be used as an independent software product to manage your local transport.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud warehouse management system cohesively integrates with your existing freight forwarding, customs broking, warehousing, and other modules in addition to managing operations like pickup, trip planning, route planning, delivery confirmations etc. Producing the customs and delivery oriented documents is made easy with Brilliant’s WMS Transport Management Software.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud-based supply chain management software your fleet, drivers and other human resources using the advanced features of the transport management software that takes care of resource planning.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud-based wms software is designed to communicate with electronic devices thus providing an accurate tracking and communication system that keeps you updated on the whereabouts of your goods, people and material.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud-based wms software has also taken accounting aspect of your logistics business into consideration. The software’s automated operational expenses recording and revenue calculations facilitate complete financial management of your transport operations.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud wms is equipped with offbeat features like scheduled reminders for the maintenance of the vehicles. The software not just tracks the movement of goods and services, but also helps you keep track of inventory, packaging, and gauge delays. Real-time tracking of inventory also ensures the security of the goods being transported.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud-based warehouse management system takes care of recommending the most efficient route and means of transport to move your goods from point A to B. One can thus identify the most efficient routes to reach the consumer with the help of software rather than through trials and error that are based on the driver’s inputs. The route planning not only saves time but also costs incurred.

    Brilliant’s WMS cloud-based warehouse management system helps you consolidate orders, optimize shipping and freight across your company and helps you maximize returns on transportation costs.

    Key Features:

    • Security
    • Dispatch
    • Accounting
    • Records
    • Billing
    • Inventory & Warehouse Stock
    • Documents

    Features & Benefits:

    Brilliant’s WMS- cloud wms is developed to provide a technological edge to the road transport Industry. It gives an impetus to your business by facilitating an order and inventory management software along with a strong financial management module customized to suit the customer needs.

    Brilliant WMS is a widely used Transportation Software that is designed specifically for logistics and Transport Industry.

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