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retail inventory management system and small business

Brilliant WMS invest in a Warehouse Management Software for small business India


Brilliant WMS Warehouse Management System Software can be used by Retailers, Engineering Companies, Trading Companies, Automotive Companies, Textile Companies, Construction Companies, and Shops.
The most common reason why distributors invest in an inventory management system is to improve customer service and/or to improve resource utilization i.e. inventory, buildings, and people. A Brilliant Warehouse Management Software (WMS) helps improve customer service and resource utilization by eliminating errors. The result of eliminating errors can be measured by

  • Item and bin level inventory accuracy
  • Barcode scanner
  • Zero returns due to warehouse errors
  • Radio Frequency (RFID)
  • Checking operations are eliminated
  • Improved order shipment completion
  • Shortened order lead time and improved on-time delivery performance

Brilliant WMS for Small and Midsize Businesses

Small-business owners face many challenges in the gestation period such as securing financing, finding customers and managing inventory. You can use Brilliant WMS inventory management system software to make the job of managing your inventory much easier.

Our small business Brilliant WMS software called the Lightweight Business Management Software is designed to meet the needs of a small business inventory app.

Brilliant has top 10 warehouse management systems Software is the best suit for small and midsize businesses using the fundamentals of warehouse management systems (WMS) to rapidly configure and implement

Brilliant WMS has encouraged small and mid-sized companies to go paperless by adopting the best warehouse management systems (WMS) to run distribution more efficiently and support growth.

“Brilliance is in going paperless and replacing paperwork with smart WMS technology”

Brilliant has exhaustively studied small and medium enterprises. Our inventory management software small business is therefore designed methodically to meet the unique challenges faced by small and mid-sized wholesale distribution operations.

Brilliant delivers key warehouse management functionality and ensures speedy and rapid implementation with personalized configurations to fit your process flows. When you are ready, our warehouse management software (WMS) can help you easily add-on more complex warehouse management capabilities such as slotting, labor management, and door schedules.

Brilliant WMS provides a solution to various Types of Warehouses

Distribution Warehouses

Operations at distribution warehouses require that products be received and tracked by lot or sub-lot, with or without tracking numbers and identified in pallets or serial numbers. Bulk units and pallets are usually shipped out at such centers. In addition to handling and storage charges, accessorial charges to are levied for such services. On-going storage charges are generally billed on the first of each month. If you are a distribution warehouse, Brilliant warehouse management software (WMS) can help you generate scheduled bills calculated on the set-parameters suitable for the distribution warehouse.

Fulfillment / Consolidation Warehouses

Fulfillment warehouses receive products in large quantities and ship out smaller mixed shipments in a large number. retail inventory management and picking procedures differ for such pick and pack operations. Accurate location tracking is essential for the efficient operation of such warehouses. Brilliant warehouse management software (WMS) can help you locate the inventory with our advanced smartphone integrated app suitable for the fulfillment/consolidation warehouse.

“Brilliance is in using applications that understand your business to the core”

Warehouses Providing Value Added Services

Several warehouses provide a wide range of value-added services such as the use of labor, special equipment to handle customer’s products, repackaging, product processing, or labeling, etc. This not only changes the product but requires additional billings. Brilliant warehouse management software (WMS) can help you manage all these operations including the value-added services and produce accurate billing suitable for the value-added services warehouse.

Cross Docking & Trans-loading Warehouses

Brilliant warehouses/logistic that provides cross dock and trans-loading services, container tracking is more imperative. These services often require temporary storage with charges adjusted for free days or a grace period. Brilliant warehouse management software (WMS) can help you track the containers, identify nearest vacant stores, and calculate your billing determined by the data fed in the system that is suitable for the cross-docking/trans-loading warehouse.

Break Bulk Warehouses

Certain warehouses receive bulk products that they repackage to meet the customer requirement. Inspection and relabeling are common operations in such warehouses. Brilliant warehouse management software (WMS) can help you manage your break bulk operations and product billing suitable for break bulk warehouses.

Storage Warehouses

Warehouses also only store products for periodic delivery to a manufacturer or distribution center to facilitate the just-in-time delivery. Such warehouses are required to track material by lot, handle, store and levy accessorial charges. A brilliant inventory management system can help you manage your storage.

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