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Brilliant Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers a web-based order management system (OMS) to ease order/request via multiple platforms like e-commerce,mobile apps, order management system portal, and direct orders. The order management system is designed to easily integrate with your existing warehouse management systems. Once the order is processed via Brilliant’s WMS or your existing WMS, an order confirmation is returned back to Order Management System (OMS).

Brilliant WMS Order Management system : 


Brilliant Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers option to configure Sales and Purchase Order with our advanced web based order management system. Requester can retrieve the real time stock data available at various locations (Factory, Warehouse, Distributors) at time of placing Order. The Customer Order Management System is integrated with Email & Document Management Systems. The system has the capability to customize dashboards and reports to suit your requirement.

Brilliant offers best warehouse management software (WMS) that is compatible to be viewed on the smart phones via Brilliant’s warehouse management (WMS) mobile app developed for order management system. The WMS mobile app can be used by the requestor to place the sales/purchase order. The approve can approve the orders using the app. You can also attach documents on the fly using the app.

“Brilliance is in equipping yourself with a 24X7 Warehouse Management System that functions at your fingertips”

Work Requests Using Order Management System:

Promptness is sign of an efficient warehouse. Brilliant’s Warehouse Management system (WMS) helps you gain that promptness by equipping you with tools to act fast by efficiently managing, organizing and prioritizing work requests and material requests whether they are placed by customers, internal staff, tenants or other stakeholders.

Workflow Efficiency:

Brilliant’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Order Management system facilitates you to establish workflow processes within the system for submitting, approving, rejecting and completing work requests tailored to your organization’s needs.

Better Customer Satisfaction:  

Information is a key to execute business processes. Brilliant’s (WMS) Customer Order Management System acknowledges this need to be better informed when running business operations. The system triggers automated email alerts when a work request is approved or rejected customers and an automated email alert with a satisfaction survey once work has been completed.

Brilliance is in being better informed about the operations in order to take accurate business decisions”

Three Scalable Options

The user has an option to choose among 3 scalable options for work request;

  1. Work requestors are given a web based order management system login user ids that allow them to submit requests and view the history of their requests
  2. Work requestors send an email to a designated email address that gets converted into an Brilliant WMS work requestor
  3. Work requestors submit requests to Brilliant WMS through a customized web form that is embedded on your company’s intranet.

Enhanced Security, Better Flexibility

Brilliant WMS’s web based order management system facilitates enhanced security and flexibility. Using the system, you can create different user level accesses, thus protecting information from being shared with all the system users. Using a password, users can view only that information which is relevant to them. Access to only relevant information also saves the productive time of the users who with the warehouse management system (WMS)Customer Order Management System only track their own orders in real time.

Key Features:

  • Simplified work order maintenance request portal for quick log of maintenance issues
  • Query builder based reports to run the query based on varied parameters and generate reports
  • Real-time e-mail notifications on maintenance request status updates
  • Simplified and customizable work order management system form. Options to include due date, resource, company, priority, work category
  • Automatic push e-mail notifications when orders have been submitted, assigned, updated and closed
  • Customizable order statuses and priority settings
  • Enhanced user interface and options to sort work orders by status, type, priority, location, due date and assigned resource from the standard dashboard
  • Advanced dashboard with interactive floor plans
  • Customizable work orders that can be retrieved with a set criteria, printed off individually or in batches
  • Options to select Pick & Pack Method at SKU level  ( FIFO , LIFO , Random )
  • All inclusive Warehouse Management Mobile App
  • Multi-channel Orders
  • Multi-level approvals
  • User friendly Order Management Mobile App
  • Configurable Email & SMS Templates
  • Multi-location orders
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Sales Order & Purchase Order Management
  • Configurable Role & Workflow Management
  • User specific Inbox & Dashboard
  •  Integration with WMS , E-Commerce & Delivery
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