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delivery management software Service for business

Brilliant WMS – delivery management offers an outstanding solution and the tools to increase the efficiency of your business and huge cut down on costs. Companies utilizing our route planning software have been reporting cost savings ranging from 15-30%. Within few time you will have the most efficient routes that also accommodate all the constraints you may face on a daily basis including delivery time windows, vehicle capacities, and employee lunch breaks.

 Feature of Delivery Management System Software :

  • Import deliveries from Excel, view them on the map and spot outliers
  • Deliver when your customers are home by setting delivery windows
  • Balance the number of deliveries per driver
  • End routes for your drives at their home location
  • Consider vehicle characteristics like cargo refrigeration
  • Configure vehicle capacity limits like a number of boxes, weight or volume
  • Send routes by email or export them to Excel
  • Get the most out of your fleet with Brilliant WMS state-of-the-art route planner
  • Adhere to regulation by setting working times and lunch breaks for your drivers
  • Balance workload between your drivers
  • Support for multiple depots/distribution centers
  • Configure multiple vehicle capacity limits like weight, volume, and number of pallets and plan to reload stops before starting the next trip
  • Integrate your systems with Brilliant WMS using our API

Customer Expectations – As customer expectations for convenience are increasing with the availability of on-demand experiences, more and more retailers are struggling to keep up. If you are a small business selling handmade items or cookies for delivery, you are no longer limiting your reach to the local foot traffic. You are now creating a much larger market for your distribution and if managed well, the delivery experience for these new customers can compound your business miles ahead of your delivery competitors. Our Delivery Management System Software company has enriched the lives of hundreds of business owners, from startup to enterprise by reducing their delivery costs as much as 20 percent through enhanced driver efficiency and reduced real-time support automation.

Effective Communication  Majority of our clients provide on-demand or scheduled delivery. In order to perfectly manage fulfillment, there is an old way of communicating with customers about delivery.

Well with Brilliant WMS, delivery management app we send your customer an SMS at every step of the delivery process:

  1. Order received
  2. Order accepted
  3. Order picked up  (track your order here)
  4. Order completed (how did we do feedback loop)

Gone are the days of taking hundreds of phone calls, emails and voicemails a week from customers wondering where their delivery is!

Brilliant WMS delivery management app businesses have reported up to a 65% reduction in customer enquiries since the began offering real-time SMS updates and tracking. This can save a larger business on a customer support wage of $30,000-$40,000 depending on the region.

Driver Data – Restaurants: How do you know when to cook the next delivery meal if you have no way to track your drivers on a map? Florists: When a customer calls up and asks about their delivery how can you accurately quote them an ETA over the phone without putting them on hold for 5+ minutes?

Do you pay your drivers per hour or have some other arrangement? How do you track what to pay who to have a clear and better understanding of all driver expenses? Every driver who has the Brilliant WMS app is tracked and data is pushed to you merchant portal to provide you with timely insights about team and individual performance and accurately compensate your drivers every week.

The Complete Brilliant WMS Service Management Solution for Delivery, E-commerce and Logistics Companies

As a Pickup/delivery personnel

  • View customer locations on the map and get driving directions to the same. Plan your travel time efficiently.
  • Instantly update office on any payment/document collected or delivered
  • Instantly know the availability of Brilliant WMS personnel
  • Track the utilization of your Brilliant WMS personnel time – call response time, travel time, out of office time, overtime, etc.
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