What is it? “A mediator between Manufacturer and the market “or ‘’delivery person for a customer”. this is well known for a concept for every manufacturer dealer, distributor or transporter or who can move the goods for one place to another place?

It includes coordination between two parties. It holds the material for any company and providing the space for the movement,

In the supply chain, we need to finalized vendors for goods transportation.  Procuring the quotations and finalizing it with the negotiations. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly inventory audits need to conduct on internally or externally.

Every person needs to follow the process for the inward and outward process with the completion of physical material arrangement and documentation.

Follow-ups with a transporter for inward and outward dispatch status. Need to prepare the vehicle wise reports to present in the audits.

Manage the crucial stocks and provide the details as per the requirement is given from the company.

Maintaining the good and hygienic work station in the warehouse. product wise the warehouse allocation should be managed daily cleaning is compulsory. A daily stock needs to conduct for the high-value product.

Labour management need to do the same time for smooth physical operations. For export product need to manage the customs and their agents with a good amount.