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wireless warehouse software is new edge technology

Brilliant WMS offers a wireless warehouse software solution to streamline warehouse operations like receiving, picking, inventory operations, cycle counting, and adjustments. Work order instructions are triggered to a small wireless hand-held device by Brilliant’s WMS, transmitting information such as task list and targets to pick inventory in real time. This system not only helps assign tasks but also aid in locating the inventory, facilitating better control and efficiency in the warehouse operations.

A mechanism for immediate feedback helps bolster warehouse operations. The wireless warehouse software Solution is fully integrated with Brilliant WMS.  The graphic user interface makes the application user-friendly in comparison to most character-based RF offerings.  the wireless warehouse can be availed as a stand-alone software product to be integrated with your existing warehouse management system.


Brilliant’s wireless warehouse software reduces the need for manual commands. The user receives, puts away, and picks product more efficiently with the adoption of an automated technology. Efficient audit trails ensure accurate inventory adjustments. Any inventory movement within the warehouse is immediately noted within the system.

The Brilliant WMS wireless warehouse software Solution offers self-directed and system-directed methods for inventory management. In the system-directed method, Brilliant WMS auto-suggests bins for the inventory, however, the system has the flexibility to allow the user to select an alternative bin location.

Using Brilliant’s WMS wireless warehouse  Solution(WMS), you can categorize the inventory into a ranking system based on the number of requests a bin receives. Primary bin, bin ranking, along with weight and volume of bins and items can be used to calculate its best placement in your warehouse. User can lock the bin location once the bin is full or the bin is damaged. The system constantly communicates with the warehouse manager sending alerts to ensure inventory accuracy.


Brilliant’s WMS wireless Warehouse is cognizant of the fact that one or more users may receive against the same purchase order or warehouse transfer. The application accurately calculates the quantities as the user processes them. The wireless warehouse management software system facilitates license plating or tagging options for better inventory identification for distributors who deal with multiple package sizes.

User has the ability to categorize inventory as per the lot numbers or tabs making it traceable helping in accurate receiving and putting the process for the inventory. Directed put away is part of the receipt process.

Picking features and benefits

The Brilliant wireless warehouse software  Solution offers users the ability to save time by picking a single order, multiple orders for different customers, and transfer orders in a single pass through the warehouse. Paperless picking system becomes a reality with Brilliant’s WMS wireless warehouse technology picking system.  The handheld device directs the picker to the exact bin location identified by lot/serial numbers.

The wireless warehouse management software allows the user to pick by zone or pick the entire pick ticket. The application allows the user to prioritize picking with picking sequences to be associated to bin locations. The picker receives a task list indicating the lines of the order remaining to be picked.

Rely on it

The Brilliant wireless warehouse software function with a wireless device or batch-oriented PDA initiated from a PC for cycle counting and physical inventory. Once the count is created, the user uploads the count to the PDA or enters the count number on the wireless device. Selecting a physical count facilitates the user to count all bins for a single item or single bin location. The count number is then entered manually into the system. The system prompts the users to scan the bins and items. The PC user approves the count once any discrepancies have been investigated.

Inventory operations

With Brilliant’ wireless warehouse software  Solution, new tagging can be consolidated for the item-lot quantities. Also, larger quantities can be broken into smaller quantities and identified with new individual tags before being placed in the warehouse. The inventory movement within the warehouse can be immediately verified.

Advantages of Wireless Warehouse Management 

  • Streamlined warehouse operations
  • Instant feedback
  • Enhanced control over warehouse tasks
  • Improved customer service

 Capabilities :

Enables distributors to improve customer service by ensuring they get the right products out on time, every time, while improving operating efficiencies through directed warehouse activities.

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